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AmGeneral Insurance auto365 Comprehensive Plus

Insurance policy which provides you with benefits, and value added services.

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    Breakdown towing of Up to 100km (West Malaysia) and 60km (East Malaysia).
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    24-hour roadside assistance
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    No. of Panel Workshops

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  • AmAssurance provides the easiest and most convenient way to make claims if your car suffers damage. The Express Claim feature deposits your compensation for your own damage and windshield claims directly into your bank account.

    Keeping up to date with your policy is not a problem with AmAssurance, as you will receive free SMS renewal reminders, claims, and even get answers about your NCD questions.

  • AmAssurance auto365 Comprehensive Plus includes access to:

    • Am Auto Assist - which provides breakdown services/towing up to 50km (West Malaysia)/30km (East Malaysia) per round trip including toll charges incurred if your vehicle breaks in Malaysia.
    • AmAssurance Express Claim - Easy claims for own damage paid in cash, which are deposited right into your bank account.
    • SMS reminders - get alerts on policy renewals and claims status.

    This insurance covers:

    • loss or damage to your vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or an accident
    • liability to third party for bodily injury, death and property damage
    • all drivers
    • flood relief allowance
    • key care cover
    • window snatch theft
    • ambulance fees
  • You will need to pay the following fees:

    1. Service tax = 6%
    2. Stamp duty = RM10
    3. Agent’s commission = 10%
  • AmAssurance does not cover:

    • Any damage done while driving under the influence of any alcohol or intoxicating liquor, narcotics, dangerous drug or any deleterious drugs or intoxicating substance.
    • If your vehicle was being used:
      • for any unlawful purposes or any attempt of any unlawful purpose
      • to practise for or participate in a motor sport, competition, reliability trial, speed test or on any racetrack
    • loss, damage or liability caused by an unauthorised driver
    • loss, damage or liability connected to war, act of terrorism, strike, riots or civil commotion
    • loss, damage or liability arising from convulsions of nature i.e. flood, typhoon, storm, landslide etc
  • You can cancel your policy at any time by providing a notice in writing to AmAssurance. The quickest way is to email

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