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Generali Multi Drive Bravo

An innovative motor insurance plan that promotes safe driving and comes with a Bravo Tag device to provide emergency roadside assistance.

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    There is no limit to number of incidents and breakdown or accidents within 30km during period of insurance.
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    nationwide access to 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
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    No. of Panel Workshops

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This product is underwritten by Generali Insurance Malaysia Berhad (formally known as AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad) (Company No: 197501002042 (23820-W)). Intelligent Money Sdn. Bhd. 201201020688 (1005180-T) is the marketing partner of Generali Insurance Malaysia Berhad. All services will be provided by GIMB directly.

  • An innovative motor insurance plan that promotes safe driving and comes with a Microtag device to provide emergency roadside assistance. From accidents and windscreen damage, to flood and other popular add-ons, we protect against just about anything.

  • Our comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to accident, damages/injuries you cause if you hit someone else, and much more. Check out the different types of coverage and add-ons when you get a quote.

  • Our comprehensive car insurance coverage includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, nationwide access to preferred and panel workshops, windscreen coverage and special perils add-ons, All Driver coverage option, legal liability to passengers and many more.

  • For new vehicle (new registration)
    Sum insured will be based on the purchase price of the vehicle. A copy of the sales/purchase invoice is required for our verification.

    For vehicles that are more than 1 year
    Sum insured will be based on the current market value on our valuation system.

  • You may cancel the policy by giving written notice and your original Certificate of Insurance to AXA. Upon cancellation, you may be eligible to a refund of your premium based on the conditions stipulated in your contract.

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