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Renewing Your Car Insurance with Tokio Marine

You can estimate your motor insurance premiums and apply online to renew your policy at iMoney. Simply complete our application form, and our auto insurance partners will renew your policy as well as your road tax in one convenient process.

Product Highlights & Information

Tokio Marine offers many benefits that policy holders can use when encountering major inconveniences (such as being stranded at the accident site) related to road accidents and car breakdowns.

  • - 24 hour accident and emergency toll free call line at 1-800-88-1301
  • - Towing and roadside repairs up to RM 200 for accidents
  • - Towing and roadside repairs up to RM 150 for breakdowns
  • - Transmission of information during emergencies as requested by policy holder*
  • - Interpreter services*
  • - Medical Referral services*
  • - Repatriation of Vehicle*
  • - Hotel accommodation *
  • - Alternative Travel Assistance*
  • - Emergency Evacuation assistance*
  • - Legal Assistance*

*Cost borne by policy holder. Services arranged by Tokio Marine.

Auto Assist Services

Tokio Marine Auto Partner Services is a 24 hour emergency service for Tokio Marine comprehensive car policy holders. Tokio Marine Auto Partner Services provides emergency repairs, towing and additional services In the event of an emergency or a car breakdown.

Company Profile

Tokio Marine started operations in 1957 in Malaysia before establishing an official branch in 1971. Currently operating as part of Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance from Japan, its Malaysia operations is one of 37 other countries. With the purchase of MUI Continental in 2012, Tokio Marine became one of the largest general insurers of Malaysia.

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