• Towing

    Up to RM200

  • Roadside

    24-hours assistance

  • No. of Panel Workshops


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Provider overview

RHB Motor Comprehensive Cover Insurance provides you with reliable and safe coverage for your vehicle. Their basic policy protects you from all the common unfortunate scenarios that might happen while on the road, and it also comes with a variety of optional coverages if you have anything specific in mind. With RHB Motor Comprehensive Cover, you get the ease of mind knowing that you’ll be protected from any untoward incidents.

What additional benefits/services do I get?

RHB Motor Comprehensive Cover Insurance includes:

  • Free towing up to RM300 per breakdown
  • RM 3 million liability limit against third party liabilities

Are there any additional fees or charges?

You will need to pay:

  1. Service tax - 6%
  2. Stamp duty - RM10
  3. Agent commission - 10%

What does RHB Motor Comprehensive Cover not cover?

RHB Motor Comprehensive Cover does not cover the following types of damage, unless you pay extra premium to add it on:

  • Damages from strikes, riots, and civil commotion
  • Special perils coverage
  • Damage to windscreens, windows and sunroof

How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your insurance policy at any time by sending in a written notice to RHB group.

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