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SmartDrive Safe is an innovative motor insurance plan that promotes safe driving behaviour by reducing driver’s distraction and improving driving experience.

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  • Get yourself one of the most comprehensive coverage on the road with AXA SmartDrive Enhanced. AXA SmartDrive Enhanced offers you comprehensive coverage for common on-the-road scenarios such as accidents and breakdowns.

  • AXA SmartDrive Enhanced includes:

    • Breakdown and towing assistance.
    • 24-hour support for all of your enquiries.
  • You will need to pay:

    1. Service tax - 6%
    2. Stamp duty - RM10
    3. Agent commission - 10%
  • AXA SmartDrive Enhanced does not cover the following types of damage:

    1. Your own death or bodily injury due to a motor accident.
    2. Your liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle.
    3. Loss, damage or liability arising from an act of nature i.e. flood, storm or landslide.
  • You may cancel the policy by giving written notice and your original Certificate of Insurance to AXA. Upon cancellation, you may be eligible to a refund of your premium based on the conditions stipulated in your contract.

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