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When Should You Consider Switching Your High Speed Broadband Plan

The broadband landscape in Malaysia has seemingly changed overnight. Government initiatives have supercharged internet speeds and the ISPs have made the necessary changes. More importantly, this was done without any increased costs to consumers.

Given the current situation, it’s tempting to compare speeds and prices. But not everyone needs the fastest internet they can afford. However, it doesn’t make sense to skimp and only look for the cheapest available plan either.

Here are 3 main indicators for you to switch your broadband:

1. When you need faster speed

Watching videos on Netflix or YouTube is the most common internet activities these days. In general, Netflix recommends a 3Mbps connection for Standard Definition (480p) streaming and 5Mbps for HD videos. This number can go all the way up to 25Mbps for 4K or UHD videos.

While that number sounds low, it doesn’t take into account the number of other devices on your home network that are also being used to browse social media, play games, and just generally being connected to the internet. Which isn’t much if you’re living alone but can add up if you share your house with other people.

All this put together, that 30Mbps connection doesn’t sound like much when having to share it with four other people.

2. When you are moving

There are geographic limitations on high speed broadband. Most ISP coverage is concentrated in urban centres, with TIME having the extra limitation of only being allowed to service high rise buildings. In either case, your choice of provider may be limited by your new location.

Most people would simply look to have their existing plan transferred to their new location. But this should be taken as an opportunity to shop around for a better deal.

3. When your contract is up

There is no better time to be looking at your options than right after your mandatory service contract is completed. Mostly because you won’t be hit with a cancellation fee if you do find a better deal. Maxis and TIME both offer minimal fees, but UniFi takes a stricter approach to the matter.

Either way, it’s a good idea to be looking around as soon as you’re able to switch without penalty. Especially since internet speeds increase on an annual basis.