How To Pay Zakat Fitrah During The MCO

How To Pay Zakat Fitrah During The MCO

Ramadan has arrived, and Muslims around the world have begun fasting for the holy month. It is also time to settle Zakat Fitrah payments.

These payments are made in-person (to a zakat appointee known as an amil) at the nearest mosque. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Movement Control Order have complicated matters.

How to pay

Most state religious bodies have elected to appoint a limited number of amil zakat this year to facilitate zakat payments. In addition to this, online options have been introduced for those looking to maintain social distancing while also meeting their religious requirements.

Additionally, there is now also a wealth of options for paying zakat fitrah through your smartphone. Each state (except Pahang) has either developed an app, or partnered with an existing solution. Giving you many additional options for zakat payments.

That said, not every state has the same level of resources; leading some to have more comprehensive options than others.

StateAmil FitrahWeb PortalMyEGOther
JohorNo, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
KedahYes On Touch app, Boost
KelantanYes eZakat Payment, SMS, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
MelakaYes Bank Muamalat
Negeri SembilanYes app, SnapNPay, JomPay, Boost, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
PerakYes QRPay, SnapNPay, GoPayZ
PerlisYesNoNoSnapNPay, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
PenangYesNoNoGoPayZ, JomPay, SnapNPay, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
SelangorYes, Boost, Pos Online
TerengganuYes, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
SabahYesNoYesSnapNPay, JomPAY, Boost, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
SarawakYes, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app
Federal Halal, Pos Online, U Mobile, Boost, Tulus - Zakat & Sedekah Online app

How is zakat fitrah calculated?

This particular zakat is based on the staple food of the particular region; in our case it is about 2.6kg worth of rice. This is roughly calculated to be worth RM7 per person in the household. That said, the Federal Territory has this at a lower value.

Some state religious bodies have also been introducing different zakat fitrah rates depending on the quality of rice consumed by the household. Basically, if you can afford better rice, you should also be making a bigger contribution to your community.

For example, this is how it is calculated in Selangor:

Grade A local riceRM7
Fragrant/Imported riceRM14
Basmathi/Japanese riceRM21

However, there is no set law to determine which zakat fitrah bracket you fall into. It’s up to you to determine how much you can afford to pay.

Amount of Zakat Fitrah to be paid

(columns represent number of payment brackets available)
Negeri SembilanRM7
Federal TerritoriesRM5RM7RM14
*While it is not compulsory, Kelantan encourages people to pay RM14 or RM21 if they can afford it.

When do you need to pay zakat fitrah?

It is compulsory for the head of the household to pay the zakat fitrah during the time between sunset on the last day of Ramadan and sunrise of the first day of Syawal. However, this payment can also be made throughout the month of Ramadan.

The best time is for the payment to be made before the Eid prayers on the first day of Syawal.

Online payment is highly recommended this year, despite many states still going through with conventional methods. The number of new infections is has entered a third wave, which makes it it important to maintain social distancing to ensure that we turn back on the path of recovery.

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