Why Date Selection Can Make Or Break Your Business & Financial Growth

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Starting a business is a monstrous task and not everyone has the ability to do it. Every business owner starts a business expecting it to flourish and be successful and is willing to put every bit of effort required to see that end results.

However, sometimes something as simple as date selection for important business decisions can make or break your business endeavor.

Here are some date selection tips that can help increase your chances of seeing any profits from your business.

The opening

Ideally, a business should commence on a day where there are Wealth Stars present, so that the business begins on a positive and cash-registering note. After all, every entrepreneur opens a business for profit.

There is often some confusion as to which date constitutes the official opening. Typically, Date Selection specialists use the day that you cut the ribbon and officially open your door for business to the public. The day that you apply for a business license or register your business or sign a contract for the rental of a premise, is not regarded as the official opening date.

You should never have an official business opening on any of the Breaker Days, especially if it is your Personal Breaker Days. Breaker Days are essentially bad dates where the outcome for that day will not end well for you.

As the name suggest, a Personal Breaker Day is the day that is not in-sync with your personal year of birth and it is the day when the energies of the day are working against you. If you do anything important on this date, it is not going to work out well, much less successful. So, personal activities like signing a contract should not be done on Personal Breaker Days.

Once you have identified the month that you want to open your business, you need to find either an Open, Success or Stable Day to officially open your doors.

  • The Open Day, as its name suggest, is great for any activity that involves official openings, signing agreements, and business engagements.
  • A Success Day is the most auspicious and positive day of the lot. On this Day, all activities will start and end positively, hence, it is a good day to submit a business proposal and begin construction of a new property.
  • Stable Day is a good day to start or undertake activities that have a long-term aspect to them. This is the day where you start official openings of businesses, commencing construction work on a property and hiring new and important staff.

Among the three, generally the Open Day is recommended.

Asset acquisition

In the old days, a person’s wealth was frequently determined by their personal stocks. So a full stockroom or warehouse was regarded as an indication of wealth. It is for this reason that there is a lot of importance put into selecting a suitable asset acquisition date to purchase property to conduct one’s business and/or store valuables related to your business.

If you are unsure what constitutes as an asset or not, follow the rule of thumb. If it is large and has room for stock, then it is an asset and if it is merely to store smaller size assets like cars, then it does not qualify for the purpose of asset acquisition Date Selection.

Signing of contracts or commercial deals

When it comes to signing a contract, selecting a good date is about making sure that all parties keep their promise to each other. It is more about obligations and responsibilities and less about money. However, if the deal between two parties goes smoothly, it would inadvertently result in success and profit for the business.

This is why selecting dates for contract signings and commercial deal signings is one of the most common types of Date Selection done. The complexity of Date Selection for contracts increases as the number of parties to the agreement increases.

It is also pertinent for the Date Selection specialists to understand the nature of the contract and the obligation within. The goal in any Date Selection for contract signing is harmony and wealth where all the parties are working in harmony when they sign the contract. Ideally, the day of the signing should form a Three Harmony Combination with the year.

This indicates a good start and minimal botch-ups in the course of the parties executing the agreement. As it is, avoid all the Breaker Days, including Personal Breaker Days and find a favourable Balance, Success or Stable Day to execute the signing ceremony. Activities that commence on a Balance Day will be favourable to all parties, with a winning outcome for everyone.

However, not all contracts are suitable for this particular method of Date Selection. A loan agreement with a bank is a different kind of agreement and does not fall under the purview of this form of Date Selection.

Business travel

A special or particularly ideal date is not required for business travel, especially since it is common to travel these days. However, back in the olden days, dates were usually selected because it was usually rare for anyone to travel out of his or her home and on the occasion that they do, the journey usually involves some dangers along the way, hence it was important to select a good date then.

Business negotiations

Business negotiations are an important part of any business and for a particularly important deal or transaction, you may want to select a date to commence negotiations. Whether you are haggling for a better price for chicken at the morning market, bargaining for a better offer on a property or asking for a pay rise, we are constantly negotiating.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to schedule all your shopping on selected dates. If you expect to negotiate with a difficult boss or a difficult colleague, then a good date may be just be the key to change the odds when negotiating.

The Art of Date Selection extends significantly beyond the common activities that people do on a daily basis. This is why people frequently seek a Date Specialist to assist them with the more sophisticated business activities, or where a transaction involves multiple parties. However, you can still personalised these date selection methods yourself and give your personal activities the best possible start you can through the power of a good date.

This article is contributed by Dato’ Joey Yap, the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organisation devoted to the teaching of Feng Shui, BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Mian Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is also the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group, an international consulting firm specialising in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology services. For more information, click here.

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