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No matter how much of a conscious mobile data user you are, you can’t avoid your data being guzzled up, especially when every social media app and website bombards you with videos these days.

This leaves many of us living in fear of data caps, call limits and exorbitant mobile bills.

We live in a time where we are spoilt with good quality music and high definition video, which means your data gets gobbled up quicker than before, and before you know it, you are stuck with a slow connection until the next renewal, or fork out more money to buy additional data.

But how much data do you really need?

The answer to this question depends on your mobile usage. Most plans today offer at least 3GB of mobile data allowance, and here’s what you can do with that:

Online activities
Total usage for 3GB*
Surf the web
1,335 pages
Based on downloading a single web page,
which uses 2.3MB on average
153 hours
Based on one hour
On-demand video services
(i.e. Netflix)
4 episodes
Based on streaming a 60-minute episode at
standard definition, which uses 720MB on average
204 video plays
Based on watching a five-minute, non-HD
video, which uses 15MB on average
102,400 messages
Based on sending a text-only WhatsApp
message, which uses 30KB on average
102,400 emails
Based on one email sent and received
without attachments, which uses 30KB on average
Google Maps
51 hours
Chat on Skype
13 hours
Based on a 60-minute video chat, which
uses 224MB on average
Listen to music on Spotify
1,024 tracks
Based on streaming a four-minute track
at standard quality, which uses 3MB on average
* Usage is not accumulative.
Calculation based on the mobile data calculator by Confused.com.


It’s important to note that the above usage is not cumulative. What this means is for 3GB you can only stream 1,024 tracks on Spotify OR 4 episodes on Netflix. On average, that’s only 33 songs on Spotify a day! That’s hardly enough for Malaysians who like to listen to music while stuck in bad traffic, or stream their favourite shows while commuting.

If your usage is everything in the table above, you will likely need more than 3GB mobile data every month.

More data, more fun

You might think putting away your phone in your pocket won’t eat up your data, but it still does. That’s because many apps (like email, weather and social network apps) have push notifications, where the apps update without you telling them to. That’s going to use up lots of data in the background without you even realising it.

According to findings from TNS’s Connected Life study released in 2014, Malaysians spend about 4.5 hours of leisure time online every day. The same study also found online entertainment to be popular in Malaysia, with 47% of Internet users stream music or radio online every week, 62% watch on-demand video and 44% watch paid TV or movies every week.

Devices with 4G connection also offer smartphone users much faster Internet connection, and the amount of data we’re consuming is bound to rise.

Today, our smartphones are more than just a communication device, it is also a powerful entertainment tool. If you use your smartphone for both communication and entertainment, you will definitely need to upgrade your mobile data.

Never worry about exceeding data limit again

The #FIRST™ plans have been upgraded to offer even more data than before – and it is undeniably the mobile plan with the highest mobile data quota.

Online activities
FIRST™ Gold Plus
FIRST™ Platinum
Weekday Internet
Weekend Internet
Total Internet
(Weekday + Weekend)
Unlimited to all network
Monthly price*
* Not inclusive of 6% GST


Other than the higher data, the new plans also offer the option to combine weekday and weekend Internet throughout the month with AnydayGB™ to be used any day. This was something Celcom subscribers did not get to enjoy previously. To use this feature, users will be charged a fee of RM10 a month.

Even with the upgraded data, #Celcom users also get to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp & WeChat as well as unlimited Yonder Music.

A smartphone can be as much used as a feature phone if you run out of data. You don’t need to pay through your nose to get high mobile data allowance. With the advancement of technology, you need to keep up with more data on your phone, 24/7.

The plan that hits the sweet spot is none other than the Celcom FIRST™ Gold Plus, which is offered at an affordable price of RM98. At RM98, you would typically get only 5GB to 10GB from other telcos. However, with Celcom, you are getting up to 40GB of data!

With the option of combining your weekend and weekday internet data, you won’t be left in a lurch on the months that you need more data.

Don’t be stuck with an expensive plan and insufficient Internet data. With the #Celcom FIRST™ plans, you can manage your mobile spending better, and yet have more than enough mobile data every month!

Image from Pexels.

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