You Can Now Manage All Your Money In TNG eWallet Using GOFinance

TNG GOFinance

Touch N’ Go Digital Sdn Bhd, (TNG Digital) has launched an all encompassing all-in-one financial hub for its users within the TNG eWallet, the GOfinance.

GOfinance is an innovative hub that is designed to drive financial empowerment among TNG eWallet’s users.

Simplify daily financial management

The new feature aims to give users complete control over their financial-goals. This one-stop financial services hub within the TNG eWallet will simplify the tracking and monitoring of your transactions.

Part of the features offered within GOfinance includes offering its users access to the best financial products and providers. It allows them to utilise a wide range of competitive options, such as investment, insurance, credit score management, remittance, and a new cash flow tracking feature.

TNG aims to democratise access to financial services

This is in line with TNG Digital’s goal of democratising access to financial services. This is achieved by lowering the entry barrier by fully digitising the process.

Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital, states, “GOfinance is a significant milestone in our journey to drive financial empowerment in Malaysia. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation within the TNG eWallet, as well as strategic partnerships, we provide users with a comprehensive suite of financial solutions at their fingertips. Our goal is to simplify financial management, offering users greater control and a deeper understanding of their finances.”

TNG eWallet currently boasts over 21 million users, with  5.4 million of them using the platform for financial management, including managing their insurance and investments.  TNG Digital states that GOfinance’s objective is to increase awareness and literacy by enhancing user experience. It also promotes greater adoption of financial services products. Ultimately, the aim is to empower Malaysians to confidently take control of their finances.

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