TnG eWallet Will Charge A Fee For Credit Card Reloads Exceeding RM1000

TnG eWallet Will Charge A Fee For Credit Card Reloads Exceeding RM1000

Touch n’ Go has made the decision to tighten their policies on manual credit card reloads.

Before this, Touch n’ Go did not impose any restrictions to their ‘transferable balance’ in their eWallet function. However, this lack of restriction was abused by some users, who used the Touch n’ Go eWallet to cash out and transfer their credit cards.

Which led to the first amendment to the policies, where Touch n’ Go implemented a RM5000 transferable balance limit for credit card reloads.

However, that was not enough as in March this year, Touch n’ Go lowered the limit of transferable balance to only RM1000 a month. You can still reload your eWallet with more than RM1000 using your credit card if you wish, but it will be categorised as ‘non-transferable’. If you want the balance to be transferable, then you will be charged with a 1% administration fee.

Reload over RM1K a month will be imposed a fee

According to Touch n’ Go’s latest Terms and Conditions, Touch n’ Go eWallet will automatically categorise any manual credit card reloads over RM1000 as transferable balance. This means that any reload over RM1000 will be subject to the administration fee.

However, it also has to be noted that the Touch n’ Go’s terms and conditions specifically mentions ‘manual reloads’, which might mean that automatic reloads and quick payments will not be categorised as transferable balance, which means that the administration fee won’t apply.

Although this might not affect regular users of the eWallet as both transferable and non-transferable balance can still be used for your normal day-to-day transactions, it will seriously scupper users who are looking to cash out their credit card balance, as they will be charged with a significant fee.

This is in line with Touch n’ Go’s vision of ensuring that their customers are using their eWallet platform responsibly. The changes are set to take place on the 1st of November 2023.

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