So What Can You Do With US$4,000 When You Win The Netflix #Grammasters3?

Netflix #Grammasters3

Netflix and Instagram are teaming up to hire #Grammasters3 (Instagram wizards) who will be tasked with traveling to Europe and the Middle East to photograph sets of popular Netflix original shows and movies. If selected, Netflix will be paying you US$4,000 (RM16,548 at the time of writing) for the two-week trip, covering all of your travel arrangements for taking good Instagram photos.

So, the US$4,000 you get on top of the trip is just pocket money! Here are some awesome things you can buy in Europe for US$4,000 by being a Netflix #Grammasters3.

1. A designer bag from Italy

For a lot of people, the thought of a holiday in Europe, brings up images of shiny bags from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada.

Other than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy is also best known for Prada —the designer brand. If you are visiting Italy, shopping at Prada  can save quite a lot of money than when you buy the products here in Malaysia.

For example, a leather tote bag costs only €1,490 (RM6,697) in Italy. With RM16,548 to splurge in Europe, you can get two Prada branded tote bags. The same Prada bag costs a whopping RM9,160 in Malaysia! You can save about RM2,463 when you purchase a Prada tote bag from its native country, Italy. Plus, as a tourist, you get tax exemption on your purchase!

2. Bling it out with Swarovski crystal in Austria

Today there are many lead glass crystal manufacturers globally but Swarovski’s from Austria are considered the best in the world because they have the highest lead content of over 30% and the best quality precision cutting machine.

You can get various jewellery accessories for both men and women ranging from €30 (RM136) to €150 (RM678) for a variety of earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, chains and pendants. In Malaysia, it is often double the price and you can never tell if it’s really authentic or not.

And with RM16,548 to spend on crystals, you can get a full set of accessories for your loved one when purchasing it in Austria, and probably still have money to spare!

3. Invest in a Chanel in Paris

When it comes to fashion related investment pieces, it’s easy to understand why Chanel bags are among the most popular internationally. Not only are the styles timeless, but there’s a certain prestige and pleasure that comes with purchasing one. Due to currency fluctuations and devaluations in different countries, Chanel bags in Malaysia have shot up in price, now costing nearly twice as much as they do in Paris.

In Paris, a mini square flap Chanel bag costs from between €1830 (RM8,270) to €2250 (RM10,168), while in Malaysia it can cost up to RM12,999 to RM15,699.

It’s not only a great fashion investment (because a classic Chanel can go with almost anything), it is also a great financial investment. According to Christina Samoylov, founder of the luxury authentication expert at luxury e-commerce consignment boutique Designer Vault on an articles  published by Refinery29, a Chanel medium flap bought in 1990 for US$1,150, now has an approximate resale value of US$4,000 to US$4,400, which is three times the original investment.

She said, “Investing in Chanel is like playing the safest stock that the IRS doesn’t track!”

4. Cheer for your favourite club with a football jersey from England

Football can be said as one of the most popular sports among Malaysians. We so often see Malaysians staying up in the wee hours of the morning just to catch the international football seasonal games such as the World Cup or English Premier League. And generally, Malaysians favour European football teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

While an ordinary football jersey of any European team may cost approximately €46 (RM207) in Europe, it can reach up to RM400 in Malaysia. That is a whopping difference of RM193!

In fact, in England, you can purchase autographed jerseys for up to €400 or RM1,808. With RM16,548, you can get nine or even more autographed jerseys of different players from different teams. If resold in Malaysia, you can make some cold hard cash from your endeavour!

5. Glam up with leather goods, Florence

There’s something about buying leather jackets, gloves, belts, shoes or wallets in Florence, because they are usually a good deal compared to anywhere else, regardless of the exchange rate is. These leather items can range from €22 (RM100) to €146 (RM700).

While in Florence, you can get a leather jacket for as cheap as RM100, but in Malaysia, leather jackets can reach up to a whopping price of RM1,200! That’s just a fraction of your RM16,548 pocket money.

The summer trip across Europe is one of the most memorable experiences people can have in their life. From the beautiful Paris, to chilling in coffee shops in Amsterdam, to the beaches of Greece – there’s so much to see on the continent. And all these experiences can be made even sweeter with an all-expense trip and a whopping US$4,000 in allowance!

There are loads to venture, capture and buy within those two weeks in Europe!

Will you be participating for a chance for a trip of your lifetime?

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