Secure2U Moved To MAE App, New Customers To Activate Via Maybank ATM


Secure2U, Maybank’s proprietary authorisation feature will soon be moved towards their new mobile banking application, MAE.

Secure2U works by providing customers with a Secure Verification (one-tap approval) and Secure TAC (6-digit TAC number generated on the MAE app).

The move is geared towards their gradual phase out of Maybank’s old mobile banking application, M2U MY.

According to Maybank’s official website, this move is being made with the intention of strengthening customer’s banking security while banking with Maybank.

Maybank’s official page also stated that soon, customers will no longer be able to use Secure2U on the M2U MY app.

Secure2U activation via ATM

This follows another announcement from Maybank, which stated that starting from the 31st of October 2023, customers registering for Secure2U for the first time will only be allowed to activate Secure2U using any of Maybank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) nationwide.

After activating their Secure2U, customers will only be allowed to make any transactions after 12 hours of activation.

The restriction for activating Secure2U for the first time is hoped to stop unauthorised transactions and fraudulent activities, and is designed to supplement the five key measures to combat financial scams implemented by the bank in July 2023.

“By allowing customers to perform self-activation of Secure2u via ATM, they can better control their online banking authorisation process by physically verifying their identity at the ATM, heightening supervision over their accounts and ultimately, safeguard their monies from scammers,” Maybank Community Financial Services group chief executive officer Datuk John Chong was reported as saying.

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