Phone Scammers Using Luxury Condos As Their Base

phone scams

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has been conducting a series of raids on condominiums. This is based on investigations that have shown that phone scammers are using luxury condominiums all around Kuala Lumpur as their base of operations.

PDRM has reasons to believe that security guards may be involved.

In a report from Bernama, Kuala Lumpur’s police chief Datuk Allaudeen Abdul Majid said that after 20 raids were conducted recently in the city to detect the scam call centres.

“How do these condominium security guards allow foreigners in so easily when even for us, it’s difficult to get in?” he said. He add that his officers are now checking on security guards in condominiums. The aim is to see if they may be working with these syndicates.

1,311 operations raided

From January to September this year, the Kuala Lumpur Commercial Crime Investigation Department had conducted 1,311 raids targeting online scam syndicates.

Alllaudeen also called on the joint management bodies of luxury condominiums to be more responsible and vigilant. They should ensure that unscrupulous activities are not happening in their respective premises.

“We don’t want Kuala Lumpur to be known as a hub for online scams… (such activities) gives us a bad image,” concluded Allaudeen.

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