Here’s How To Claim Your Free RM30 From Boost, Grab, And TNG eWallet

Here’s How To Claim Your Free RM30 From Boost, Grab, And TNG eWallet

It’s not every day that you get free money from the government. This sudden generosity – that was announced at the tabling of Budget 2020 – is meant to promote the use of e-wallets. These app-based payment systems were introduced at the tail end of 2017 but the government aims to accelerate the adoption of digital payments among Malaysians with the e-Tunai Rakyat programme.

There isn’t a better time to try this out so follow our step-by-step guide below to claim your RM30 in free e-wallet credit through the e-Tunai Rakyat programme.

Step 1: Get the app

There are three designated e-wallets that have been approved to distribute the credit. These are Boost, Grab, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet. If you are already using one of these apps then just skip this step.

If you have all three installed (for the cashback and discounts) then note that you are only allowed to claim the free credit from one e-wallet.

Step 2: Verify your identity

While you can use an e-wallet just by signing up with your email account, some features are locked away behind a premium account. This includes being able to claim the RM30 voucher from the government.

Luckily for you, obtaining a premium account is completely free. All you need to do is use the app itself and send the provider a picture of your IC and a selfie.

In fact, how this works is essentially the same across all three eligible e-wallets because of Bank Negara Malaysia regulations. All you need to do is find the upgrade option within your chosen wallet. To make it easier, we’ve listed where the options are located.

BoostGo to the "Profile" screen and below Wallet Balance, tap on "Upgrade to Premium wallet for free"
GrabTap on the GrabPay balance icon to be taken to the GrabPay screen and tap on “Upgrade”
Touch ‘n Go eWalletGo to your account settings and tap on Account Verification

Verification can take up to 48 hours, so don’t panic if nothing happens. That said, it should only take a few minutes if you follow the instructions clearly and ensure that your pictures clearly show the necessary details.

Step 3: Follow the e-Tunai Rakyat link

Now that you’re registered, you should be getting notifications about the e-Tunai Rakyat programme. If you’re not, there will be a notification within the app itself telling you about the programme.



In order to claim the credit, you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. A Malaysian over the age of 18 years old.
  2. Be earning less than RM100,000 per year.

It should be noted that you will not get the RM30 immediately. Instead, your request will be reviewed by the Inland Revenue Board to verify that you meet the income requirement.

According to Khazanah Nasional Berhad (which is in charge of managing the programme), this could take up to five days to complete. So, don’t panic if nothing happens for a few days. It also means that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to claim your credit.

Step 4: Use your new credit before March 14 2020

The e-Tunai Rakyat programme ends on March 14, which gives you two months to spend your free money from the government. The credit expires after this date and any unused funds will disappear from your account.

Ultimately, the goal is to get people used to the idea of using digital payments instead of resorting to cash. So go ahead, you might as well treat yourself to something nice; or you could completely miss the point of the exercise and transfer the money from your e-wallet to your bank account.

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