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Chapter 3

6 Tips For Travelling With Children

Take your time

Toddlers do not care for the time pressures of travel. To retain your cool, factor in all the gawping, faffing, stalling, tantrums and toilet stoops into you travel timeline. Remember, slow may not necessarily be bad – the great thing you can take from a vacation is the extra time.

Book ahead

Gone are the days when you are a confident backpacker who could check into a ramshackle hostel. Whether you are camping or staying in hotels – book ahead. It doesn’t pay off if you arrive at your destination to find you can’t even get a bed and have to hit the road with tired, hungry toddlers melting down on the streets.

Factor in climate

Common sense, here: children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier in a new environment. With all the gear available, there’s no excuse for dressing toddler in ski-suits four sizes too big, forgetting their gloves or even leaving them barefoot on the a beach loaded with sea urchins.

This applies to countries like Vietnam, where the north and south may be different weather-wise. So if you are traipsing throughout the country and planning to move from north to south or vice versa, ensure you have appropriate attire.

Never forget the medicine

Kids are susceptible to illnesses while on holiday, whether it is just being out of sync with their daily routines or even jet-lagged. Check with your doctor if there are any prescriptions you will need to have on hand; sometimes all you need is just paracetamol to dampen the impact of broken nights or frayed temperatures and fevers.

Other basic ingredients in your kit include antiseptic wipes, plasters, sting treatment and a thermometer.

Sometimes, technology helps.

Be app-savvy

Some parents may disagree, but there’s no need to cram everything in your child’s toy box into your hand luggage when travelling by plane. Sure, get a book and a set of magic pens, but the most compact form of entertainment is a device loaded with apps and games.

Top 3 free apps for kids

Age 3 and above
Age 6 and above
Color Ripple for Toddlers

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle
Kids Shapes & Colours

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android
Endless Wordplay

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android
BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android
GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Works on iPhone, iPad
Sago Mini Monsters

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android
Pancake Tower

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android,

ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android
Sources: Babycenter.com and Parents.com

Invest in a child locator

If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to rein in your toddler. One way to keep tabs on them be it at airports, train stations and crowded attractions is with a child locator. The child wears a small unit either strapped to a shoe or belt and you keep the transmitter. If you lose your child, set off the alarm and follow the sound to find him or her.


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