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Long Weekend Travel Guide For Malaysians In 2019

Long weekend: every Malaysian’s favourite words. It’s music to our ears.

We Malaysians love our holidays – especially those long weekends that allow us to relax and recharge. There’s so much we want to do; have a beach holiday in Redang, take a road trip up to Ipoh and Penang to indulge in food, go down to JB for Legoland, go up to Cameron Highlands to escape the heat; or fly off to Bali or Phuket for a weekend getaway. Or maybe you just want to hibernate at home and binge on Netflix.

We’re well into January and you have probably already started looking at the 2019 calendar, trying to strategize your annual leaves so you get to stretch out those weekends for as long as possible.


We have good news for you – there are at least nine long weekends you can capitalise on in 2019.

If you live in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, you are probably entitled to more time off because of special holidays like the George Town World Heritage Day and Federal Territory Day.

So, with much time to kill, what do you do? Well, how about a long-weekend getaway?

We’re already blessed with so many long weekends – so all you need is some savvy planning skills and coupled with a few leaves, you are set to go.

Sure, planning a long trip can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? What’s step one? It is easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, especially when you are new to this.

We’ve created this long weekend guide to planning a trip that breaks down the process, so that planning and budgeting become easier and less overwhelming.

This article was first published on 20 June 2017 and we are updating the chapters with new ideas to help you stretch your travel budget further. Be sure to check back here in the coming months for more long weekend getaway tips as we update the chapters in our guide.

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