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Chapter 11

Your Ultimate Travel Checklist

Too busy to keep track of the goings-on prior to that holiday? Use this checklist to help you ensure everything is in order before you travel to another country:

Email copies of them to yourself. While renewing a Malaysian passport can be done within a day, factor in untoward incidents such as system breakdowns. So check expiry dates a few months before your trip.


Visa documents
Email copies of it to yourself.

Boarding passes
Some airlines, such as AirAsia, allow you to store them in a dedicated app.

Insurance documents and copies of them

Credit card
A helpful tool if you are looking at convenience or in case of an emergency. Also what better way to convert your travel miles into points which you can redeem on your next travel? (Think: free air ticket).

Other essentials:

✅ Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, perfume)

✅ Contact lenses, saline solution and glasses

✅ Undergarments

✅ Charger and power bank 

✅ Electronic plug converter 


✅ Feminine hygiene products

✅ Sunscreen

✅ Travel pillow


If you are travelling with baby or toddler…

✅ In your carry-on luggage: Two changes of clothes including a set for yourself, in-flight entertainment that isn’t noisy, snacks.

Baby monitor

✅ Sippy cups and cutlery that your child likes


Bottles/formula if needed

Nappies, nappy cream, wipes

Buggy/Stroller – the lighter in weight, the better.

A sling or baby carrier

Hand sanitiser

✅ A soother: It can be in the form of your child’s favourite soft toy, blanket or even pillow.

A few things to keep in mind before leaving home:

✅ Lock all doors and windows 

✅ Stores all valuables in a safe place

✅ Make sure a friend or family member has a copy of your trip itinerary 

✅ Unplug appliances and turn off all switches 


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