Maximise Your Public Holidays In 2023 With Our Long Weekend Guide

Maximise Your Public Holidays In 2023 With Our Long Weekend Guide

Long weekend: every Malaysian’s favourite words. It’s music to our ears. We Malaysians love our holidays – especially those long weekends that allow us to relax and recharge. 

In 2023, there are at least seven long weekends you can capitalise on without having to dip into your annual leave allowance. With a little bit more planning, you can add another five long weekends to that number by taking an extra day of annual leave. 

So, with much time to kill, what do you do? Well, how about a long-weekend getaway?

On the bright side, we are well on the way towards recovery. Covid-19 testing and travel SOPS have loosened up in 2022, meaning that it is now easier and safer to travel around the country. For those planning to take longer holidays, you could even plan an overseas trip without too much trouble.

While travel bans can happen anytime due to new unforeseen circumstances, Malaysians can still satisfy their wanderlust closer to home with a wide choice of highland to beach getaways as well as cities filled with heritage spots. Not forgetting the unique culture and food varieties that span the length and breadth of our beautiful country.

Check out our long weekend guide for 2023 below to find out how you can maximise your annual leave this year.

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