The Proton Saga Hot Wheels Is Coming

The Proton Saga Hot Wheels Is Coming

Nowadays it’s probably impossible to find a Proton Saga in mint condition. However, Proton lovers can now get their dose of nostalgia in another form. Hot Wheels formally revealed their long awaited Hot Wheels Proton Saga die-cast last weekend.

During the 2023 Art of Speed show which happened at the MAEPS Serdang, Hot Wheels finally unveiled it to the public. They showed off the packaging and the prototype version of the Hot Wheels Proton Saga die-cast.

According to reports, Hot Wheels went above and beyond in their reveal, even bringing a real-life 1985 Proton Saga at the booth that Mattel has loaned from the national carmaker. This allowed visitors to compare the details on the die-cast models and its real-life counterpart.

Hot Wheels packaging designed by 9-year-old Malaysian girl

Another huge surprise was the reveal of the blister package the Hot Wheels Proton Saga will be coming in. It boasts the hand-drawn drawing of a 9-year-old girl from Malaysia, Saw Jane Harn, from Penang.

Saw’s design won out over 346 other hopeful entrants in the Hot Wheels x Proton Kids Design Competition 2023, which will bring her the honor of being the first kid in the world to see her hand-drawn artwork on a Hot Wheels packaging.

Saw’s artwork won the heart of the judges with drawings of rhinoceros hornbill and hibiscus. The company found the drawing perfectly encapsulates the aim of the competition, which is to find a design that captures the essence of Malaysia.

The Proton Saga was first introduced in 1985. It marked a major milestone in Malaysia’s automotive industry, as it was the first car ever produced in Malaysia.

This Hot Wheels Proton Saga is only slated for release in the Malaysian market some time in 2024.  But there’s no doubt that plenty of enthusiasts will be waiting to get their hands on the limited edition die-cast model of the first national car.

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