Price Cuts Won’t Affect Quality


In response to the price reduction campaign nationwide, major hypermarkets assure that the quality of their food and essential items will not be compromised despite the price slash by up to 30%.

Although the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry announced March 1 as the start of the campaign, many hypermarkets, supermarkets and even some restaurants have begun cutting the prices of their goods and produce.

Price Slashing by Hypermarkets

Some of the hypermarkets who have started the price reduction are Aeon Big, Mydin and Tesco and Giant.

Aeon Big’s “Always Low Prices” campaign started on January 16, involving price cuts by about 10% on 2,500 items, while Mydin lowered the prices of 50 essential items by up to 30%.

Tesco Malaysia has a total of 134 product lines seeing a price drop in line with the campaign, with the average reduction between 10% and 50%.

On the other hand, Giant hypermarket, did not divulge details of any promotion until the campaign is launched on March 1, though they concurred that there would be no compromise on quality.


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