PIDM’s Financial Resiliency Campaign Concludes With Over 200K Participants

PIDM’s Financial Resiliency Campaign Concludes With Over 200K Participants

In their efforts to improve financial literacy among Malaysians, Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) organised the #SediaPayungKewangan financial literacy campaign to help Malaysians make smarter financial decisions in the future.

PIDM’s #SediaPayungKewangan campaign included a microsite that contained articles on personal finance, a budget calculator and a campaign video. PIDM also hosted a series of webinars featuring celebrities such as Dr Soo Wincci, Issey Fazlisham, Dahlia Syazwan, Awal Ashaari, and Razif Hashim.

The #SediaPayungKewangan finale event last Friday featured Olympian Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and Paralympian Cheah Liek Hou. In total, the #SediaPayungKewangan campaign saw the participation of over 200,000 Malaysians.

PIDM’s Chief Executive Officer, Rafiz Azuan Abdullah stated that as a member of the Financial Education Network (FEN), PIDM has been consistent in engaging Malaysians with useful personal financial tips and tools through various channels.

“The #SediaPayungKewangan campaign was set out with this objective in mind – for our millennial target audience to be empowered with the right financial knowledge to get through significant life changes or events and go beyond financial survival. It is important that we help them build their financial resilience now so that they are less adversely impacted when unexpected events happen,” said Rafiz. 

Along with the #SediaPayungKewangan microsite and webinars, PIDM has also engaged the public on financial literacy tips with videos featuring their own good financial management icon, Chief BerUang. As of 30 September 2021, the Chief BerUang videos had reached over 3.83 million views, a testament to PIDM’s success in engaging the community with financial literacy education.

PIDM also organised the PIDM FinFit (FinancialFitness) Challenge – a 21-day savings challenge where participants take part in daily challenges that can help them save or promote better financial management habits in the long term.

“Positive peer support is a powerful ally to change and we are happy to see the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by our participants to help each other save better. With real people sharing tried and tested financial management tips, we hope Malaysians will be inspired to face their financial future head-on – by channeling their champion mindset,” added Rafiz.

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