What Is The PDRM Black Mamba Team?

What Is The PDRM Black Mamba Team?

Recently news and images of the dark blue and black attired police personnel with white helmets flooded social channels during the Hari Raya Aidiladha season.

In order to combat the ongoing traffic congestion and improve traffic flow, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) had announced the deployment of the Black Mamba team to enforce traffic regulations.


The director of Jabatan Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik (JSPT) Bukit Aman, Datuk Seri Mat Kasim Karim had said that the team Black Mamba is actually rebranding of the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT – Jabatan Siasatan Dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik).

The Black Mamba team is actually made up of JSPT intelligence/operations officers and members from an existing squad named the 42 squad.

‘This unit is specially trained and skilled in carrying out a range of duties involving several elements within the JSPT,’ said Datuk Seri Mat Kasim in a report from Sinar Harian.

In the same report, he also added that some of the assets involved in Black Mamba’s operations will be high-powered motorcycles, and the team will comprise two senior officers and 22 members.

Although specially mobilised for the recent Raya Haji season,  the Black Mamba unit are regularly tasked with the job of conducting traffic crime investigations, executing planned operations, performing escort duties, monitoring, patrolling, and enforcement duties under the jurisdiction of Bukit Aman’s Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department.

In accordance with the efforts to ensure smoothness of traffic flow and reducing traffic congestion, summonses and compounds will also be issued for traffic rule breakers.

If you’ve been served with a traffic summons or compounds, and wants to understand just how much you have to pay, here’s a comprehensive list of every road infraction and the compound rates that you have to pay;

Types of offences

When you commit a road infraction, the amount you have to pay in compound and summonses are predetermined, but it depends on several factors, such as the type of offence, the vehicle you were operating, and when you settle your compounds/summonses.

The principle of ‘The More You Delay, The More You Pay’ observed by  PDRM  means the sooner you settle your compounds, the cheaper your compound will be. Following are a list of compoundable traffic offences.

Category 1 offences

Category 1 offences are the most severe road offences in Malaysia, and it also carries the highest traffic summons rates.

Category of offencesType of vehicleCompound ratesExamples of offences
Category 11-15 days16-30 days31-60
Offences that are the main contributor towards accidents, safety of road users, traffic congestion, and public transport issuesAny type of vehicles including motorcycles under 250ccRM300RM300RM300- Speeding more than 40 km/h above the speed limit
- Taxi drivers who are not using their meter
- Using the emergency lane

Category 2 offences

For category 2 offences, the traffic summons rates are the same with category 1 offences, but you can get a cheaper price by settling it earlier.

Category of offenceType of vehicleCompound rateExample of offence
Category 21-15 days16-30 days31-60 days
Offences that involve a driver's negative behavior and technical offences that are actively contributing towards accidents, traffic congestions, and issues with public transportAll types of vehiclesRM150RM200RM300- Speeding not more than 40 km/h above the speed limit
- Performing an illegal U-turn
- Driving past a red light
Motorcycles under 250ccRM100RM150RM300

Category 3 offences

Category 3 offences are offences that include technical errors on your vehicle, which might lead to an increased risk of accidents. These offences’ traffic summons are capped at RM250.

Category of offenceType of vehicleCompound rateExamples of offences
Category 31-15 days16-30 days31-60 days
Technical errors on the vehicle that can passively contribute to a higher risk of traffic accidents, congestions, and disruptions of public transport.All types of vehiclesRM100RM150RM200- Non functioning vehicle lights
- Non functioning brake lights
- No vehicle side mirrors
Motorcycle under 250ccRM50RM100RM150

Category 4 offences

Category 4 offences are offences that do not lead to any increased risk of accidents, and carry a maximum traffic summons rate of RM150.

Category of offenceType of vehicleCompound rateExamples of offence
Category 41-15 days16-30 days31-60 days
Other offences that do not contribute towards an increased risk of accidents, traffic congestions, or public transport disruptions.All types of vehiclesRM70RM120RM150- Driving with an expired license
- Failure to change vehicle ownership
- Failure to attend PUSPAKOM commercial vehicle inspection
Motorcycle under 250ccRM40RM70RM120

Where to pay your traffic summons

So those are the summons and compound rates according to the types of offences that were committed. If you’re at the receiving end of any of these traffic summons, don’t fret, you can easily pay your summons at the MyBayar Saman app, an official app developed by the PDRM, or alternatively, you can also pay your summons through MYEG.

We hope you drive safely during these festive season, and remember the old adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

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