Open Payment System For Tolls Under Testing At Besraya And NPE Highways

Open Payment System For Tolls Under Testing At Besraya And NPE Highways

The IJM Toll Division has announced pilot tests for the Open Payment Toll Collection System (SPT) for debit and credit cards at Besraya and NPE highways. This is following an earlier announcement from the Works Ministry of the test system at the Putrajaya Toll Plaza.

According to its CEO Chua Lay Hoon, the implementation of the pilot test was in line with the government’s intent to provide different available methods of payment for highway users.

“SPT allows highway users to pay tolls by using a debit card, credit card or prepaid card in addition to existing methods such as Touch ‘n Go (TnG), SmartTag and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), thus offering new alternatives to road users in the toll payment process.

“During this pilot test period, lanes that provide SPT can be identified through special signs on the gantry to help motorists,” she said in a statement.

In her statement, she also reminded motorists to make sure that they have sufficient balance in their bank cards to make payments. However, she did say that motorists will have the option to pay using different bank cards or their TnG cards if one particular bank card fails.

“The IJM Toll Division hopes that the implementation of SPT toll open collection can provide convenience to highway users while also helping to launch new toll collection systems,” she said.

The introduction of the open payment system to tolls is part of a significant revamp of toll booths in Malaysia, which includes a Multi-lane free flow (MLFF) toll-system project in the pipeline, slated for implementation in 2025.

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