The Ultimate Online Shopping Guide In Malaysia - Chapter 8

What Is A Package Forwarding Service And How Do You Use It?

package forwarding

Any online shopper worth their salt knows the heartbreak of finding something that they really love, only to discover that it doesn’t ship to their locations.

Ask any online shopper, and almost all of them will have that one item that got away, just because the seller doesn’t ship to their location.

But did you know that nowadays there’s a service that can ensure no matter where you are, your item can be sent to you? Introducing; forwarding services.

What is a package forwarding service?

For those of you that don’t know what a forwarding service is, let me explain.

A package forwarding service allows you to shop in selected countries in the world, and ship it internationally to you, even when the seller doesn’t provide international shipping.

How it works is that the package forwarder will provide you with a local address that the seller can ship to, and the package forwarder will then “forward” the package to you.

Simple and convenient, as their services ensure that you can now ship from almost anywhere you want.

To help further illustrate how a forwarding service works, here’s an example;

Ah Hock bought a shirt from an online seller in the US, who does not ship to Malaysia. So, Ah Hock enlisted the services of a package forwarder.

The package forwarder will provide Ah Hock with a local US address which Ah Hock will use to receive his items.

Once his items are delivered to the provided address, the package forwarder will deliver the package to Ah Hock.

How much does a package forwarding service cost?

Now you understand what a forwarding service does, the next most important question is; how much does it cost?

Don’t worry, that’s the question we’re going to answer here.

To be honest, the cost of the service can vary wildly.

For example, a sample quotation from Forward2Me shows that if you’re shipping sneakers from a US address to Malaysia, it will cost you USD75.97(RM358.80), and it will take seven business days to arrive to you.

However, MyUS estimates the same shipping to cost about USD19.99 (RM94.33), albeit at a slower pace (8-14 days).

So our best advice is, to get whichever service fits your budget and needs the best. If you need your package urgently, then perhaps the more expensive option is the best for you.

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