New Water Tariffs For Selangor Announced

New Water Tariffs For Selangor Announced

Following the National Water Services Commission’s (SPAN) announcement of new water tariffs for Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan, the Selangor state government has has announced their new water tariffs.

According to a statement from Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari’s Facebook page, domestic users of treated water will see their water bills rise by a minimum of RM0.50 starting next month.

This means that the current minimum charge of RM6.00 set by the Selangor government will increase to RM6.50 when the new water tariff kicks in.

According to Amirudin, the new water tariff means that for households that use up to 20 cubic metres of water per month, the price will increase by 8 sen per cubic metres, taking it to 65 sen per cubic metre from the old rate of 57 sen per cubic metre.

Meanwhile, households that uses more than 20 cubic metres of water but less than 35 cubic metres, the new charge will be RM1.32 for each cubic metre and for domestic users who uses more than 35 cubic metres, the new charge will be RM2.63 per cubic metre, said Amirudin in a statement published on his Facebook page.

Amirudin’s statement also included the new charge for condominiums, estates and government quarters, and low cost housing, in the domestic category.

Moving into the non-domestic category, the new charge for commercial buildings and other non-domestic buildings will be set at RM2.70 for the first 35 cubic metres, and any usage over 35 cubic metres will be charged at RM2.94 per cubic metre.

And finally, places of worship and charity institutions will enjoy the lowest water tariff at 66 sen per cubic metre, an increase of 6 sen per cubic metre.

In his statement, Amirudin also announced that in light of the recent water tariff increase, the Selangor state government will be absorbing the increased cost for over 1 million Selangor residents who are part of the Skim Air Darul Ehsan (SADE).           

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