Neta V Launching In Malaysia This Month

Neta V electric car

Electric car enthusiasts rejoice! Neta Auto has revealed the details of the official launch of their electric vehicle (EV), the Neta V in Malaysia.

In a post on their official Facebook page, Neta Auto stated that the official launch of the Neta V will be happening on the 25th of October 2023.

The Facebook post also stated that the launch event will be held until the 29th of October.

Furthermore, the EV will be put on display from the 25th until 29th of October.

Will be price be below RM100,000?

One of the major talking points for the official launch will be the price point of the Neta V. When Neta Auto first made its debut in Malaysia, the Neta V was slapped with a RM99,800 price tag. This was for the on-the-road price without insurance.

Netizens are speculating that the Neta V might see a further price decrease. Previously, a viral picture stated that the EV was available with a price tag of RM79,800 at a roadshow in Johor. The viral picture was then denied by Intro Synergy, Malaysia’s exclusive distributor of Neta Auto’s vehicles. 

It is also worth noting that according to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s (MITI) regulations,  fully imported EV’s have to be priced at RM100,000 upwards until 2025. This is part of their guidelines on franchise approved permit (AP) requirements for 2023.

But the company can offset the final pricing by offering their customers’ rebates. This means the final price will be one of the points of interest in the official launch.

However, the recent arrival of the BYD Dolphin also means a tough market for the Neta V, due to its lack of performance.

Attractive specifications

The Neta V offers a front-mounted electric motor rated at 95 PS (94 hp or 70 kW) and 150 Nm of torque. The carmaker quotes a 0-50 km/h time of 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 120 km/h. Specifications include a CATL-sourced ternary lithium battery with an energy capacity of 38.54 kWh.  This offers a range of 380 km following the NEDC standard. 

The EV also supports AC charging (Type 2) at a max of 6.6 kW. A full charge will take eight hours. It can also do DC fast charging (CCS2) at 100 kW to get the battery from a 30-80% state of charge in just 30 minutes.

The launch will be happening in IOI Putrajaya, so if you’re interested in getting an EV, why not head over.

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