MYTV Launches Free TV And Radio Content For Malaysians

MYTV Mana Mana

MYTV Broadcasting recently launched a new campaign aimed at promoting their free-to-access TV and radio content for Malaysians.

The campaign, named “Why Pay?”, is aimed at promoting their non-subscription, free-to-access local and international TV and radio content.

Through the MYTV Mana Mana website or mobile app, users will be able to enjoy a diverse selection of content from a wide selection of TV channels and radio stations.

The  campaign was launched at the MYFESTIVA event, organised by MYTV in Shah Alam yesterday.

According to MYTV Chief Operating Officer Azlina Mohd Yusof, MYTV’s main mission is to provide all Malaysian households with accessibility and connectivity to TV and radio channels without being burdened by monthly subscription fees, a local news daily reported.

She highlighted that viewers can watch and listen to their favourite channels for free just by streaming from the MYTV Mana-Mana app or website. There is also a wide selection of on-demand content from national and international broadcasters available.

The MYTV Mana Mana platform currently boasts around 6.3 million existing viewers, and if you want to try it out, you can check them out right here.

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