MyEG Warned For Non-Compliance With Tribunal Ruling

MyEG Warned For Non-Compliance With Tribunal Ruling

The Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) has warned MyEG for failing to comply with a ruling against it by the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

The continuous non-compliance has been taking place since the High Court dismissed MyEG’s request for Judicial Review on 22 January 2019. The original penalty was set at RM9.337 million, but has now reached RM9.46 million.

MyEG is required to pay an additional RM7,500 for each day it fails to comply with the ruling.

MyCC had originally investigated a claim that MyEG was abusing its dominant position in acquiring work permits for foreign workers. According to the original complaint, the company had imposed different requirements on similar transactions.

Solicitors for MyCC have been instructed to begin the process of claiming the daily penalty set on MyEG, and to ensure that it complies with the remedial orders set out in the tribunal’s decision.

Failure to do so will only accumulate even more penalties for the company.


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