MCMC Applauds Government’s Commitment To Ensuring No Extra Charge For 5G

MCMC Applauds Government’s Commitment To Ensuring No Extra Charge For 5G

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has applauded the Malaysian government’s commitment to ensuring that mobile network service providers do not levy any extra charges for 5G networks, according to a report from Bernama.

MCMC’s support was expressed through a statement today that said the recent announcement by Fahmi Fadzil, the Communications Minister, is in line with the government’s vision of providing access to telecommunications technology for everyone.

In the statement, MCMC also said that they will ensure that every mobile network service provider complies with the instruction.

MCMC also informed that as of 31st December 2023, the 5G network coverage in Malaysia has reached 80.2 per cent in populated areas.

Last Tuesday (9 January 2024), Fahmi Fadzil said in a press conference that no additional charges will be levied by telcos for access to 5G networks.

“As such, subscribers have various options in choosing additional plans and services offered based on the suitability of individual use,” he told a media conference last Tuesday.

During the press conference, Fahmi Fadzil also stressed that mobile network providers should strive to solve any issues faced by their subscribers.

“The people deserve to get quality service that is equivalent to the value of their service subscription,” he said.

Despite this commitment, many telcos are still offering 5G upgrade packages that are separate from their regular unlimited data plans. It is unknown if there will be a change in how these packages are marketed.

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