Maybank2U No Longer Supports Older Web Browsers

Maybank2U No Longer Supports Older Web Browsers

In an announcement posted on the Maybank2u website on Aug 18, Maybank announced that the Maybank2U internet banking platform is now ending its support for older versions of internet browsers.

This means that users of the Maybank2U platform will have to update their browser versions to a minimum version in order to continue using the platform.

According to Maybank, the change to the browser version requirements were to allow for a faster and safer online banking experience.

This is due to the fact that newer browser versions are equipped with security features and patches which will protect users from cyber attacks.

“This step is crucial in providing you with a more secure online banking experience and to safeguard you against potential cyber threats,” said Maybank in the statement.

The statement also warned that using older browser versions might result in a restricted access to Maybank’s internet banking services.

In their announcement, Maybank outlined the minimum minimum browser versions required for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari as below:

  • Google Chrome version 52 and above
  • Microsoft Edge version 80 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 52 and above
  • Opera version 39 and above
  • Safari version 11.1 and above

For users who are not sure what browser version they are using, don’t worry as typically, web browsers will automatically update themselves to the newest version.

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