MAS Allows Passengers To Bring Their Own Food In Flights

MAS Allows Passengers To Bring Their Own Food In Flights

After ending their long-standing partnership with Brahim food, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced that passengers will now be allowed to bring their own food on affected routes.

According to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, MAS is now in a transitory period in regards to their catering service, as they are currently in the process of finding a new catering service to provide their inflight meals.

However, this means that customers will not be provided with their usual fare typically available on MAS flights.

The FAQs page also states that to ensure minimal disruption to passengers’ comfort, MAS will be offering alternative F&B options while they explore the market for a new catering service provider.

But more interestingly, MAS’ FAQs page also states that during this period, passengers will be allowed to bring their own food, provided that said food passes the liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) requirements.

So far, the only other restriction is that self heating meals and non-halal meals are not allowed in flight.

Netizen’s reception towards the new regulations provided by MAS has been mixed.

Some netizens are incensed at the unprofessionalism of MAS, such as X (formerly known as Twitter) user Ricky who called this a disgrace and a new low for our flag carrier.

Meanwhile, some netizens have also injected humor into the whole situation, such as X user Izzul Adam’s suggestion of bringing a full plate of Nasi Kandar into the flights. 

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