Malaysia Still Among The Cheapest For Dating


Kuala Lumpur has been ranked one of the cheapest cities for dating. According to Deutsche Bank’s Cheap Date Index, the Malaysian capital took the 45th spot, making it an affordable location for couples.

The index calculated cab rides, dinner or lunch for two at a pub or diner, soft drinks, movie tickets and a beer or two.

It found that a Malaysian couple needed only an average US$44.10 (RM191.26) for these, compared to nearly twice the amount in Singapore.

However the survey also found KL residents to be 13% poorer than last year, with the average salary dropping to US$987 a month, down from US$1,136 in 2016.

First published five years ago, the Cheap Date Index calculates price indices using secondary data available online such as from expat website Expatistan.


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