Last Minute Gifts You Can Still Get On Christmas Eve!


Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already? If you find yourself one sleep away from Christmas with no gifts under the tree, we don’t blame you for panicking. Well, it’s not as if Santa is really going down the chimney to drop some presents off, is it?

Whatever reason it is that lead you to this moment of panic, whether you have procrastinated too long, or you were just too busy, we are here to bail you out.

Here are some great last-minute gift ideas that are still thoughtful!

1. A gift for fashion lovers

Every fashion girl really wants for Christmas is more clothes/shoes/bags! The tricky part about buying something for a fashionista is, you don’t know what they like (or what’s in or out) or what they already have in their closet.

Getting a gift card from a fashion store or website makes perfect sense. With time running out, you can get an e-gift card from Zalora. The e-gift cards come in different denomination, from as low as RM75 to RM300.

However, the gift card will only be sent via email two days after payment is made. So, it will have to be a belated Christmas present for the fashion lovers. Better late than never, they said.

Get it here

2. A gift for the kids

Christmas is a huge deal for children all over the world. However, shopping for them isn’t child’s play. Different children have different interests, and likes and dislikes. No two are alike.

This Christmas, do the parents a favour and get the kiddos a gift card. You can choose to purchase a gift card from any Toys’R’Us store, or you can purchase an e-gift card, saving yourself a trip.

You can choose the value of the e-gift card from as low as RM30, and select a date for the card to be emailed to the recipient.

Get it here

3. A gift for the couch potatoes

Who doesn’t like hours of binge watching their favourite TV shows or movies? With many online streaming platforms available, it is even easier to give the gift of entertainment.

The thing about getting an online streaming subscription is – it’s suitable for anyone because they come with different varieties of shows and movies.

You can get a Netflix or an iflix subscription for the couch potatoes. Though Netflix Gift Card is not available in Malaysia, you can still purchase a subscription on your recipient’s behalf.

Netflix costs as low as RM33 a month, while iflix only costs RM96 for 12 months (or RM10 for one month).

A word of caution though, some of these subscriptions come with auto-renewal, so you will need to be alert and cancel the subscription on your end.

Get Netflix subscription here

Get iflix subscription here

4. A gift for the music lover

For someone who has his or her headphones or earphones on 24/7, while bopping his/her head in sync with the music they are blasting, it is only apt to give them the gift of music.

Purchase e-gift card from Spotify from as low as RM14.90 for a month’s subscription, or if you are feeling generous, you can purchase an annual subscription at RM178.80.

Get Spotify subscription here

5. A gift for craftsters

It’s pretty easy to identify a craftster. Their home would be decorated with various DIY items, on Pinterest 24/7, and always buying different type of paper and tape, or maybe even a feather boa.

The idea of a paradise for these people is the craft store. The best and probably the biggest craft store we have now is of course Spotlight.

Be the most popular person among craftsters by giving them a gift card to Spotlight.

The e-gift cards come with value as low as RM30, and as high as RM1,500. You can redeem it via their online store or at any store in the country.

Get it here

6. A gift for coffee lovers

Every day is coffee o’clock for coffee lovers. If you happen to know a few of these OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) people, your job of getting them a Christmas presents have just been made much easier.

Almost every coffee addict would make his or her morning pilgrimage to Starbucks every day before they can properly function. If you own a Starbucks card, you can easily transfer your rewards to someone else via email.

If you are not, you can still purchase a Starbucks card with preloaded value as a gift. Look for a 24-hour Starbucks Store nearby to buy a card.


All is not lost. You can still get some last minute presents that are thoughtful – even on Christmas eve! With his handy last minute guide to Christmas presents, you won’t have to go through the awkward situation where you don’t have a gift to exchange.


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