Kenanga’s Robo-Advisor Now Available For Malaysians

Kenanga digital investing

In an effort to help more Malaysians invest and save better for their own future, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (“Kenanga”) has launched Kenanga Digital Investing (KDI), the latest addition to Malaysia’s online investment scene.

KDI is licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia, and it offers two distinct products; the KDI Save and KDI Invest.

KDI Save allows KDI customers to earn daily returns on their savings, with no lock-in period and zero management fees. 

KDI Invest allows KDI customers to invest and grow their wealth by providing them with the opportunity to invest globally through US-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), all at a very competitive price compared to the other robo-advisors offering in the market.

Ian Lloyd, the Group Chief Digital Officer of Kenanga said that KDI is another step to make investing more accessible to more Malaysians.

““KDI is another step in our vision to make investing accessible to everyone. With initial investments as low as RM250, customers can invest in global equities. We are proud to launch KDI Save, a cash management product with one of the highest returns in the market, while KDI Invest provides a gateway to the global markets at an affordable fee,” said Ian Lloyd.

Kenanga launches robo advisor

Image source: Kenanga Digital Investing

KDI employs technology to monitor the global markets and react to new investing opportunities by analysing thousands of data points each day to help remove guesswork out of the equation when choosing stocks to invest in.

KDI is also completely free for investments below RM3000, while investors above the limit are charged with a management fee between 0.3-0.7%, which makes it one of the most attractive robo-advisor options available in the Malaysian market right now.

From now until the end of the year, KDI offers a market-lowest 3.0% fixed interest rate, so it’s a good time to try out KDI now.

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