Ministry Of Youth And Sports To Increase Salaries For National Coaches

Ministry Of Youth And Sports To Increase Salaries For National Coaches

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and the National Sports Council (NSC) are reviewing the salaries of coaches with the intent of increasing the amount they are paid. This review applies to all coaches who are employed under the National Coaches Employment Scheme since 1 January.

The KBS had directed the NSC to review these salaries back in November 2023. Youth and Sports minister Hannah Yeoh said that the review is to ensure that there is a future for the sports ecosystem in Malaysia. The last time these salaries were reviewed was 10 years ago.

According to the new salary scheme, coaches at the highest level qualification will see their salaries increase by about RM1,400; going up to RM5,400 a month. All other coaches will receive an increment based on their years of experience in coaching.

Additional remuneration will be included for former athletes turned coaches based on their highest level of achievement when they represented the country. A move that is intended to encourage more national athletes to return to the sport as coaches.

The KBS has been looking to provide more funding for sports as of late. Including providing additional funding for the Football Association of Malaysia after the national team’s group stage exit from the Asia Cup in Doha.

At the time, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said that an additional RM5 million would be allocated to the team to further prepare it for future tournaments. Yeoh later clarified that this was not a reward for the team’s performance – as it failed to reach its target of qualifying for the round of 16 – but rather an incentive to future improve.

While the football national team has traditionally been the best funded sport in Malaysia, the amount still lags behind that of other countries. The team spent RM7 million on preparations for the Asia Cup, while countries like Jordan and Bahrain had spent RM23 million and RM28 million respectively.

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