How-to: Solve All Your Wasted Gym Memberships Problems

How-to: Solve All Your Wasted Gym Memberships Problems


Having a gym membership may seem like a good way to lose fat, get fab and lead a healthy lifestyle, and you’ve probably had one (or multiple) at some point of your life. The real question is, do you actually use them or are they left to languish indefinitely like your pair of skinny jeans?

Most of us sign up for a gym membership hoping to get started on the fitness track, but in reality, they might just end up becoming something you’re regularly shelling out your hard-earned money for and hardly use.

Fortunately, the business of gym memberships seem to be evolving in this time and day. Just like how services like iflix give you access to hundreds upon hundreds of TV shows and movies for one subscription price, KFit, recently launched in Malaysia, offers a similar approach to gym memberships.

Instead of giving you access to just one fitness facility or style of fitness, this ala carte gym membership grants users access to hundreds of studios and fitness facilities across the Klang Valley and beyond.

Currently available at just RM99 per month (way cheaper if you use our codes below), it’s pretty much the answer to all your wasted gym membership woes. Here’s how the ala carte membership can solve all your gym complaints:

You drop out from boredom


Boredom has been cited as one of the top reasons why people slack off exercise and stop going to the gym.

With KFit, you have no excuse, for it literally offers hundreds, if not thousands of different classes and exercises you can choose from.

They include CrossFit, cycling, kickboxing, Pilates, Yoga, bodybuilding, pole dancing, literally anything you’re in the mood for, all for the price of one membership, so you’d never develop boredom from routine.

You waste money from having too many gym memberships


Love yoga but absolutely can’t live without pole dancing? Don’t get in a financial twist from too many gym and fitness subscriptions. KFit grants you access to various specialised routines and hundreds of gyms and fitness facilities nationwide, at a price that’s probably lower than one gym subscription!

Even if all you like to do is Yoga, with the all-access membership, you get tens of different Yoga studios to choose from, and get to explore different variants of the exercise, from hatha, ashtanga, power yoga to hot yoga. In comparison, monthly fees at a Yoga studio typically range from RM120 to RM200.

Big-box gyms offer these sessions too, but monthly subscriptions tend to be more expensive and such sessions often lack the depth and personal touch that specialised gyms and studios offer. It is for this reason that fitness enthusiasts who are serious about bettering themselves at their respective areas of interest are opting for these smaller gyms.

With the dazzling variety and wide selection at your fingertips, think about how much more flexible the experience will be for you, literally!

You regularly skip gym because it’s too far  


A lengthy or congested commute to the gym can be a real mood-killer, especially if one is looking forward to a workout session after work. Over time, one can become demotivated and stop going to the gym altogether.

This is where KFit comes in. With nearly 400 fitness partners scattered all over the city and new locations being added all the time, you should have no trouble finding a class or facility of your fancy no matter where you live, work or frequent when you sign up with them.

Having access to different locations also presents the opportunity to explore different areas in the city, to check out different gym environments and discover cool new spaces.

The best part of the experience, is you get to mingle with different cliques and communities and find one you are most comfortable working out with.

You never go to the gym


Many people start off determined to make a lifestyle change, but get derailed when they lose steam and motivation from doing the same thing over and over again.

With so many workout options at hand when you sign up with KFit, you can’t help but anticipate the new experiences in waiting, and are more inclined to try them all.

Besides, you never have to worry that your membership goes unused when you’re sick or out of town. If you don’t think you will be hitting the gym in a while, you can always opt to put the pass on hold so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Also, there is no minimum commitment period and no charge to cancel, so you won’t have to continue paying for something you do not fully utilise.

Whether you are new to exercise, or a seasoned gym junkie looking for a new adrenaline high, KFit allows you to experiment and seek out new experiences under just one membership and without the risk of letting it go to waste. Now, what’s not to like?

We are now offering a special KFit promotion just for our readers, so you can try it out for even less – at a cool RM10 DISCOUNT for the first month, so you pay just RM39 instead of RM49.

To enjoy the cool discount, just enter this code: IMONEY when you’re signing up!


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