How Malaysians Can Save On These 5 Most Expensive Life Events

How Malaysians Can Save On These 5 Most Expensive Life Events

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Some “life events” are more expensive than others. Find out how you can better prepare for big milestones like getting married, having kids, moving into a new home, and keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest.

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When planning your wedding, the first question most people have is whether they should hire a wedding planner to sort everything out for them- from the flowers, catering to videographers. The alternative, presumably cheaper one would be to source for the photographers/videographers, caterers and make up artists yourself then coordinate it all on your own.  But is saving cost really worth potentially ruining the most important day of your life?

Don’t sweat yourself over the little things on your big day. Getting a wedding planner can be worth every Ringgit, especially if you select the right wedding planner that comes with the right price tag. This way, you can just concentrate on looking your best.

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Nobody wants a bunch of staged photos to remember these precious moments. It’s important for you to browse the portfolio of photographers to find one that matches your requirement at the right price. Negotiating with them is also important and having a platform that allows you to message them definitely helps.

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The golden rule to managing your renovation cost is to leave at least 15% cushion on top of your planned budget for extra costs and last minute additions.

For instance, there could be overlooked costs that are hard to determine until you get started, such as demolition charges, contractor fees, consultant fees and shipping costs if you order furniture or materials from overseas.

Consider an established contractor with a stellar track record to give you the peace of mind that your renovation will complete on schedule and meet your expectation. Meet your contractor in person to ensure he understands your requirements clearly. A lot of them have cash flow issues requiring them to take upfront payments that are rolled over onto other projects.

Therefore, it is important to set the expectations of both parties right from the beginning.

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Experts recommend that home owners spend at least 1% of the home’s value annually on maintenance and repair. Taking care of the upkeep of your home will help you in the long run, especially in terms of property value. Skimping on maintenance costs may lead to poor conditions that can then lead to depreciation of the property’s value.

Both new and existing home owners will need to pay attention to maintenance work to prevent this from happening.

Renovation contractors, cleaners, plumbers and electricians in Malaysia are small enterprises that struggle with responsiveness and service quality. You might have your regular guy, but you can’t be sure that he’s the best in terms of pricing, punctuality or service quality. It’s easy to just accommodate the shortcomings of your regular guy simply because its so tedious to find someone else. It’s always better to have more options to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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Engaging a fitness professional can get you on track of your fitness goals. The key to successfully reaching your fitness goal with a trainer is to work with the right one who meets your needs and budget.

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Planning a party can be quite a headache as it can be time-consuming doing it all on your own. Enjoy your own party by getting professionals to help you plan your perfect party. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, if you hire the right guy.

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