Highlights of Keluarga Malaysia Budget 2022

Budget 2022

It’s official. Budget 2022 is the biggest ever tabled, with a total allocation of RM332.1 billion. While total revenue is expected to come in at RM234 billion in 2022, the total operating and development expenditure is expect to exceed that, amounting to RM309.1 billion.

Fiscal deficit increased to 6.5% for 2021 although it was forecast at 5.4% in the tabling of the budget last year. The deficit is expected to moderate to 6% in 2022.

Here are the highlights of the Budget 2022 announcement.

Budget 2022 main highlights

Budget 2022 Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia

Budget 2022 job highlights

Budget 2022 education highlights

Budget 2022 healthcare allocation


Budget 2022 PTPTN discounts

Budget 2022 tax reliefs

Budget 2022 additional taxes

Budget 2022 SME support

Budget 2022 sports funding

Budget 2022 carbon neutral tax exemptions

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