GXBank Shows Off Their Goals With ‘Impian GIGih’ Programme

Impian GIGih launch

At an event yesterday at their office, GXBank unveiled the ‘Impian GIGih’ programme, a programme designed to help them fulfill their brand purpose to drive financial inclusion and literacy to the underserved.

During the event, GXBank’s CEO, Pei Si Lai, stated that GXBank’s mission is to become a ‘purpose driven’ bank, and this is something that has been ingrained in every aspect of the bank since its inception.

Impian GIGih reflects GXBank’s goals

As their first step towards that lofty goal, GXBank unveiled their ‘Impian GIGih’ campaign’s pilot programme, which happened at the end of February.

Impian GIGih aptly reflects GXBank’s steadfast commitment to fortifying Malaysia’s financial resilience, in anticipation of future economic demands. With a focus on gig workers and the B40 segment, the bank will leverage the power of tech and data to facilitate intergenerational social mobility by doubling down on three key foundational pillars;

  • Enhancing Financial Well-being: Providing equitable and inclusive access to financial services tailored to their needs 
  • Ensuring Educational Accessibility: Alleviating the cost of education of their children so they can further themselves without worries 
  • Promoting Financial Literacy: Empowering Malaysians to make more informed financial decisions and planning for themselves and their families.

With the help of their partners Mydin and GoBarakah, GXBank distributed 500 back-to-school kits to children of B40 parents and Grab drivers in Kelantan and Johor Bahru respectively.

To further extend their support of the impoverished, GXBank is also providing e-vouchers for the beneficiaries of the help programme, which they will distribute with the help of GoBarakah.

In their future plans, GXBank plans to expand its back-to-school initiatives by offering tertiary education scholarships to beneficiaries of their programme, particularly children of gig workers and B40 parents, as they recognise the transformative power of literacy to break the cycle of poverty.

During the event, GXBank also introduced their brand video – Sepoket Impian, a video that encapsulates their purpose and what they aim to bring to their users.

While unannounced, the digital bank also began rolling out updates to allow QR code payments through the GXBank. Allowing customers to access DuitNow QR payments through the app.

The feature was noticeably missing when GXBank first launched into a public beta. The inclusion of QR payments and debit card now puts the digital bank on par with it’s traditional competitors as far as payment options are concerned.

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