GXBank’s Debit Card Now Available For All GXBank Users

GXBank’s Debit Card Now Available For All GXBank Users

GXBank has announced that its debit card is now available for all customers to the bank. This follows a short soft launch for selected accounts in January.

The GX Card is primarily a virtual debit card that can be accessed through the GXBank app. Customers can also apply (through the app) for a physical card to be carried around.

Key features of the card are the unlimited 1% cashback on all spending, 1.5x GrabRewards when spending at Jaya Grocer and on Grab, and the enhanced security features.

We’ve had access to the card for several weeks now, and have had a positive experience with it. While the GXBank app is still technically in the testing stages, the card is fully featured. Adding some much needed useability to the banking experience.

What’s more, the ability to manage all functions of the debit card – such as spending limits, online spend, and overseas transactions – has been seamless and extremely user friendly.

For more details on the GX Card, you can go here.

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