Which Game Of Thrones House Do You Belong To?

game of thrones

Money and power are what drives everyone in Westeros to do what they do. In the Game of Thrones, wealth and resources matter as much as it does in the real world.

While the parallels of each house in this fictional world to ours is a little ambiguous, it certainly holds a lot of truth. It’s safe to say that if the Game of Thrones was set in the real world, we’d be sorted out according to how much gold we have stashed in the Iron Bank.

Are you the type who save your resources for the Winter? You’re probably one of the Starks. Do you lavishly spend your riches, but you also pay your debts on time? Well, it goes without saying that you could be a Lannister.

You won’t really know until you take this quiz! Jump in and see you which Game of Thrones House you belong to!

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