#Facebookdown: How Much Did Facebook Lose in 30 Minutes?



The unthinkable happened today – Facebook went down. The social networking site mysteriously stopped working, leaving many users around the world unable to satisfy their communication needs for a mortifying 30 minutes!

Many turned to Twitter instead, where the hashtag #FaceBookDown gathered a host of comments and pictures, all with 140 characters or less for social media users around the globe.

Just how much money did Facebook lose from the 30-minute outage?

Estimated Lost

According to Gizmodo, in 2014 Facebook snagged a US$15,152 (RM5,4672.96) of revenue per minute, with US$2,887 (RM10417.16) of that coming in as profit.

This means that the 30-minute downtime could have cost Facebook an estimated revenue loss of US$454,560 (RM1.6mil) and an estimated profit loss of US$86,610 (RM312,514)!

Reports of the downtime came from various continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe.

The problem also appeared to have affected the Facebook-owned photo-sharing site, Instagram. However, WhatsApp, the instant-messaging platform owned by Facebook appeared to have been working fine throughout the 30-minute outage.

Facebook, which makes most of its revenue through advertising reportedly made US$3.203bil (RM11.56 bil) in revenue in Q3 2014. Its total count has reportedly hit 1.35 billion monthly.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again. Once a year is enough to send the world into furore.

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