Experian Launches TrackMyID, An Identity Theft Monitoring Tool

Experian Launches TrackMyID, An Identity Theft Monitoring Tool

Experian, an international consumer credit reporting company, has launched TrackMyID. This identity theft monitoring tool helps you track if your digital identities have been compromised or sold on the dark web. 

Increase in cybercrime threats

The dark web refers to a part of the internet that isn’t accessible through conventional search engines or web browsers. These sites use encryption software to keep visitors and owners anonymous, which is why it’s used to carry out illegal activity – you’ll often find stolen sensitive data on the dark web. In fact, Experian Global CyberAgent data revealed a 76.6% increase in compromised personal records found in the dark web over the last 18 months. 

This is part of a larger trend of rising cybercrime threats, identity theft and dark web trading of stolen identities. Globally, Experian found that 3.4 billion personal records were compromised in the first eight months of 2021, compared to 5.1 billion in 2020. The Experian 2021 Global Identity and Fraud Report suggests that one in three users were concerned about identity theft since the start of the pandemic – a number that’s expected to increase by the end of the year as we continue to transact more on digital channels. In Malaysia alone, 319 identity theft cases were reported this year until August.

“The culture of fraud is clearly shifting, and this is impacting all Malaysians. The pandemic has created many points of vulnerability for our families and businesses,” said Dawn Lai, CEO of Experian Information Services Malaysia.

“As consumers, we must take proactive steps together to monitor and protect our digital identities as cyber threats are increasing and evolving. These measures will provide safeguards for us to navigate the new digital economy with trust and confidence.”

Safeguarding online identities with TrackMyID

TrackMyID aims to help keep consumers’ identities safe and protect their finances. It monitors the dark web and other websites to detect breaches of users’ personal information. In the event of a breach, it alerts users on the type of information that has been accessed, such as email address, source of breach, and additional information detected. Then, it directs users to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and minimise any damage that has been done. 

TrackMyID comes as a one-year subscription that’s currently priced at the promotional price of RM15.90 a year. It also comes bundled with JagaMyID (promotional price of RM31.80 a year), which is a more extensive service that includes credit score reporting. These promotional prices are available until October 2021. Head to MyCreditInfo to find out more about these services. Additionally, you can also check out Experian’s free email scan that’s available for a limited time. 


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