JPJ Warns Malaysians To Beware Of Driving Licence Scams

JPJ Warns Malaysians To Beware Of Driving Licence Scams

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has issued a reminder to  Malaysians to always stay vigilant against driving licence scams.

In a press release issued by JPJ on their official Facebook page, JPJ stated that the driving licence scams can hook unsuspecting victims in imaginative ways. This includes posting a picture of a JPJ issued driving licence, and promising unrealistic offers such as the ability to get your licence without taking driving tests.

JPJ also reminded the people that legally issued driving licences will have to comply with the regulations and the restrictions placed in terms of the training and testing procedures.

They also urge Malaysians to not fall victim to the scammers’ sweet talk, a tactic they employ to influence the mindset of Malaysians.

JPJ lesen terbang scam warning

Owning a ‘lesen terbang’ is an offence

The problem of syndicates selling fake driving licences is not new in Malaysia, and illegally issued licences are quite popularly known as Lesen terbang’ (flying licence). The reason for the name is due to the fact that these licences can be issued without any prior requirements or testing, making it a much easier process.

In fact, JPJ’s latest warning for Malaysians is the second reminder issued this year.

Earlier this year, they have already issued a warning for Malaysians not to trust syndicates offering such licences, as even owning a ‘lesen terbang’ is an offence.

In their latest press statement, JPJ also added that they are currently cooperating with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the police to help track these syndicates for further action.

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