Debit Card: What Is It And How Does It Work


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If you’re looking for a financial instrument that enables cashless transaction just like a credit card but simultaneously allows you to manage your finance better, a debit card could just be what you’re looking for.

For those who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of a debit card, here are some basic information that could help you better understand this increasingly popular card facility.

How to use it?

  • When you receive card, you will be handed a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You need to secure your card with a hard-to-crack PIN and keep it private.
  • Once your card is activated and you want to make a purchase; simply swipe your card at the cashier just like a credit card. For the record, most stores and outlets in Malaysia now have this facility.
  • Lastly, keep the receipt for your personal record.

Ways to make a transaction

When you use your card for a transaction, there are two ways to complete the process – authenticating it with your signature, or keying in your identification number.

The signature method works exactly like your credit card. Basically, you swipe the card through a terminal and sign a receipt. Currently, this is the more common way that debit card transactions are being accepted by merchants.

The PIN-based method, on the other hand, requires you to enter your identification number using a protected Pin-Pad. A correct PIN immediately authorises the payment and the transaction takes place. No signature is involved using this method.

If you’re wondering which way is better to pay with your card, there are really no correct answers. Generally, numeric password transactions are considered more secured, but signature-based transactions are more commonly used at retail outlets in Malaysia.

Regardless of the method of payment, you are still advised to be vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself against fraud: If you use a PIN, make sure you’re the only one who knows the numbers. If you use a signature, try to use a more complex signature.

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