CUEPACS Wants Higher Pay For Civil Servants, Government Responds

CUEPACS Wants Higher Pay For Civil Servants, Government Responds

The President of Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) has claimed that the current level of salaries provided for public and civil servants are inadequate, due to the rising cost of living.

According to a report from The Star, due to these reasons Datuk Dr Adnan Mat believes that any planned increase of the salaries for civil servants should be implemented immediately, without having to wait for the full implementation of the new Public Service Remuneration System (SSPA).

In the report, Adnan stated that although the Public Service Department (JPA) has stated that the SSPA will be fully implemented by the end of the year, he hopes that the public servants’ salaries are increased earlier.

He also added that Cuepacs has proposed an increase of RM300 for public servants’ salaries, which can be given in the form of a special allowance, instead of just a normal salary increase.

Adnan also stated that so far, the government has taken all of Cuepacs’ suggestions seriously, which is evident by the fact that the JPA has released a statement responding to Cuepacs’ suggestion of a salary increase.

In their statement, JPA reiterated that since the implementation of Sistem Saraan Malaysia in 2002, JPA has adjusted the salaries of public and civil servants multiple times.

JPA also added that they have also provided the public and civil servants with other benefits as well, such as WFH facilities, flexi work times, and other leave-related benefits.

At the same time, JPA also reiterated that improvements to the current salary table of public and civil servants are being done holistically, while also taking into account the current economic state of the country.

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