Don’t Miss Your Chance To Grab A Free MyCTOS Report With CCRIS

CCRIS credit report

CTOS, Malaysia’s largest credit reporting agency, is offering people the chance to nab a free MyCTOS Report with CCRIS. All you need to do is sign up for the CTOS self-check service via the website between 21 February and 21 March 2024

Getting Malaysians to understand their credit rating is part of CTOS’ continuing goal of empowering consumers to take control of their credit and financial health. As such, the MyCTOS Report with CCRIS offers viewers significantly more information than the basic CCRIS report.

More information provided in CTOS credit rating

This is due to it including proprietary CTOS information such as details on legal cases, bankruptcies, directorships, business interests, and non-bank debts. This is in addition to the standard CCRIS figures like debt, payment histories, and inquiries.

These reports are often utilised by financial institutions and lenders to assess credit applications. Knowing what’s on your report goes a long way to understanding how banks view you as a customer. Giving you the information you need to form a more complete financial plan for yourself.

It also goes a long way to figuring out why you’ve been rejected for a loan or credit card; and how to improve  your standing

Get your free credit score to make better financial plans for the future

“Major festive seasons are times when we tend to spend more. As a nation, we have just celebrated Chinese New Year and Raya is around the corner, making it even more important to know our financial situation. An easy way of understanding your current credit commitments is by checking your credit report.

“Through the free MyCTOS with CCRIS campaign, we can give a helping hand to consumers to understand their credit capacity, detect potential fraud, and assist them to make better financial plans for a better future,” explained Erick Hamburger, Group CEO of CTOS Digital Berhad.

According to CTOS, over 3.6 million Malaysians have already signed up for the CTOS self-check to help improve their financial health.

To sign up for the CTOS self-check service and claim your Free MyCTOS Report with CCRIS, click here.

For consumers who would like to get their CTOS Score can also click here.

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