Stats Dept: Consumer Price Index Rises 4.3%

food prices up

The Malaysian Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 4.3% to 120.3 on a year-on-year basis in September 2017, from 115.5 previously.

The Department of Statistics Malaysia said several major indices had recorded increases, including food and non-alcoholic beverages (+4.6%), restaurants and hotels (+2.6%), health (+2.5%), furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance (+2.8%) and housing, water, electricity, gas & other fuels (+2.4%).

Also seeing a significant increase is transport at 15.8% on a year-on-year basis in September 2017, following the 11.7% rise in August 2017.

Zooming into the food and non-alcoholic beverages index – which accounted for 30.2% in CPI weights – the increase was driven by food sub-group index which comprised of Oils and Fats (+39.6%), Fish & Seafood (+8.0%), Vegetables (+4.8%) and Fruits (+3.9%).

As for Food Away From Home index, it continued to rise in September 2017, an increase of 5.1%.


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