Consumer Claims Tribunal Helps Consumers Get Compensation For Faulty Purchases

Consumer Claims Tribunal Helps Consumers Get Compensation For Faulty Purchases

The Consumer Claims Tribunal or as it’s officially known, the Tribunal For Consumer Claims Malaysia (TCCM), has been very successful in its mission of providing consumers with alternative means to dispute any unfair purchases in a convenient and fast manner.

For the uninitiated, TCCM is a tribunal designed to provide an alternative to the civil courts for consumers to claim redress in disputes of on the purchases of a goods or services.

TCCM has the authority to entertain any claims for redress for the purchase of goods and services permitted under Act 599 which does not exceed RM50,000, and accrues within three years from the date of transaction.

According to a report from The Star, TCCM secretary Nor Hafizah Haron stated that in 2023 alone, TCCM has awarded a total of RM26.8mil in claims filed from 11,426 cases, followed by RM9.2 mil from 10,525 cases in 2022 and RM6.4 mil from 7,422 cases in 2021.

TCCM handles all cases no matter how small it is, as can be seen from the amount of the smallest claim awarded last year, which was RM9. 

On the other hand, the biggest claim awarded last year was a whopping RM50,000, which is the maximum amount the TCCM is allowed to award.

Umrah travel packages, home renovations top of complaints list

In the same report, Nor Hafizah also revealed that complaints regarding Umrah travel packages and poor home renovations topped the list of claims issued last year.

Nor Hafizah stated that claims on renovations accounted for 808 cases, followed by 740 cases on the Umrah travel packages.

The report also stated that claims on home renovations were a mainstay on the claims list for the past three years, as it topped the list in 2022 and 2021 as well.

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